I was about to go to bed after writting some ‘deleted scenes’ discussions between Dedan and Zuan (more like corpse) after the last chapter. And I headcanon’ed that (at first at least before Zuan lost his last bits of patience and actually tried to make Beliaz happy behind Azria and Rizec’s backs) he must have had the habbit of getting things everytime Beliaz would be beatten up. At first I thought of food, but then I thought it was too ephemeral, and Zuan would need that whatever he’d give Beliaz had a return to him. Like something he could count if just as a last attempt to show himself how bad the situation is.

And I thought of pillows. Fresh pillows of every shape for beliaz to sleep, and something that wouldn’t disappear in one night. 

I guess it’d make Beliaz know the litteral form of pillow forts.

"So that’s the kid’s room, looks like he has a thing for comfort. A bit too much even." The demon of time wondered aloud as the silent shape next to him stared at the empty room. He could have just let the remark end there but he decided to converse more with the dark demon.
"A new one for every broken limb." the previously crow said, his figure completely shrouded in shadows but even if it wasn’t, the guardian of time knew his facial expression would be as emotionless as ever.
He didn’t like it at all, but he had no real right to say anything, after all he had let it happen in the first place.
" How many are there?"

The passed lord stayed silent, his empty eyes shivering with obvious. What other answer could he give?
" Too much?"

The demon didn’t look back at the hateful shadow he stopped from disappearing at his side. Staring at the pillows on the bed with anger under his skin. How fucked up did the lords and demons put the world, for /this/ to be the better road to an happy ending?
"Yeah, no fucking kidding."

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He’s cute, I swear! let me find a better picture
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my kind of man ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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A lot of you were asking if Aerick has always had a blue eye because you can’t recall that, and you’re right, he hasn’t, that’s a new design on him! He’s based on a paint quarter horse, and they can get blue eyes a little here and there and since Aerick already had a white eyebrow, it would be a waste to not give him a blue eye!
(Also I think I’ll change Sophie’s name to Sawyer, it appeals way more to me hrhh;;)


I made a couple of food illustrations for an article on Vikings buffet that’s published in the August 2014 issue of Rogue Magazine. The sushi and the meat for the grills were extremely fun to draw. 





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Recent purchase; look at my new gorgeous books | Part V

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Fun facts about your sign here


Fun facts about your sign here

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Jason Rumpff
"When the Humans Saw Red"